We are at your service!

At Cavendish HR, we are an extremely flexible and diversely skilled company. We can take on full contracts, or work as a larger team on many types of products involving employment, employee relations and legal issues. We want to help your company thrive, with a happy and engaged workforce. Please read about the services that we provide below, and if you are interested in finding out more about something, you are more than welcome to Contact Us!

As any company facing a TUPE transfer will be aware, this is a complex piece of legislation with copious case law around it. Cavendish HR has vast experience in this area and can assist and guide you through it.

It is an exciting and unsettling time when one organisation acquires (or is acquired by) another. Cavendish HR can help you to communicate with your staff, plan future changes, and develop appropriate policies and processes to ensure the smooth transformation of two organisations into one.

Change is a constant in the business environment and can be a challenge to both board and employees. Cavendish HR can support change projects and has expertise in cultural change, organisational change management and a variety of change projects post TUPE and post acquisition.

Business changes, no matter what they are, can be concerning and confusing for your teams. It helps immensely with employee engagement and commitment to change to construct a full plan of how to manage the change program and communication around that change. Cavendish HR can work with you on your change management programme. We will follow up with an employee survey and leave you with a cultural change action plan if appropriate.

Even your best and most experienced management teams will find they have employee relations issues at times. For the times you need an independent advisor, or if your workload has exploded, or if you need some support during a particularly difficult case, Cavendish HR can support you in any of these situations. We are here to fill those gaps and have vast experience of the huge variety of employee relations issues that organisations face on a regular basis. We will work with you to achieve the best outcome with the least risk.

When everything is up in the air and you need to keep things moving it can really help to have an outside person working with you to take some of the workload and to help with planning and executing new structures in your organisation, including changes to terms and conditions of employment. With the flexibility to be able to work fully on a project, or to provide ad hoc daily support as needed, Cavendish HR can give you that extra resource when you need it.

In today’s society, tribunal claims are inevitable. The number of tribunals is on the increase, with claimants still having very little to lose. Cavendish HR can work with you in investigating your defence internally, preparing the first draft of the response and dealing with any potential settlements. Using a third party removes the emotion, and enables a clear focus to be given to the legal issues and arguments. Cavendish HR can attend CMDs and PHRs as your representative and will work closely with your legal advisors in the full claim preparation, keeping your costs down. Preparation of bundles and witness statements can also be undertaken in-house so they are correct, while saving you the cost of a lawyer. If necessary Cavendish HR can bring in partner organisations to take on the full hearing support.

Cavendish HR has experience with unions and can attend with (or instead of) you as part of your team, to negotiate with the unions and other staff councils to get the desired result.

Good process design reduces cost and is more efficient. People working within an organisation may find it hard to see where improvements can be made, while an external person is able to take a more objective view. Drawing on our experience of implementing new payroll systems, helpdesks and various new software and general processes, Cavendish HR is able to take a critical view of your processes, and redesign them to better meet the needs of your organisation.

Looking at your organisation’s aims and objectives, Cavendish HR can work with you to ensure your policies reflect and support those. We are able to offer rewrites, standard policies and also a full suite of policies designed specifically for you.

If you are having a major recruitment drive, you will need extra resources. You may also require input into the design of your recruitment event. Cavendish HR has experience of interviewing at all levels across a large number of sectors and of designing bespoke recruitment solutions to ensure the best candidate for the job is sourced and selected.

With experience of both design and delivery of training, Cavendish HR can discuss your training needs and help you to develop your staff to their full potential. Available courses include: discipline and grievance, absence management, conflict management, equal opportunities, customer service skills, time management, and team building.